Audio Visual Equipment for Boardrooms

High-quality audio visual equipment, including projectors and integrated sound systems are essential to facilitate effective communication during video conferencing sessions and boardroom level presentations. At JCM Technologies we pride ourselves in delivering exactly that.

Video Conferencing Equipment

During any meeting that integrates video calling, it is vital that the cameras are angled correctly and lighting must be optimised to enhance visual capabilities. It is important that the equipment is suitable to use at the venue and should be correctly installed and setup, such that all parties have a good visual line, are not obstructed and can converse with ease.

Interactive Whiteboards

The time for flip charts and traditional whiteboards is over! Innovative new smart whiteboards enable easy recording of notes and diagrams made during brainstorming sessions or meetings with the use of digital whiteboards that include electronic components. The old-fashioned whiteboard received an upgrade with a wide range of extra features, such as wireless connectivity for printing and emailing of information direct from the smart whiteboard.

How Businesses Benefit from Video Conferencing

Organisations that will benefit from the use of high quality audio visual equipment and video conferencing could include:

  • Multinational corporates
  • Training organisations
  • Schools and Educational Facilities
  • Cross-border businesses
  • E-Learning design companies
  • Any organisation that teaches or trains people on a remote basis

Why Choose JCM Technologies as an Audio Visual Supplier?

  • We always enter into consultation with a new client to ensure that any new installation integrates seamlessly with existing systems.
  • We provide a full-scale integrated solution – our products can work in isolation or as integrated components to form a holistic solution.
  • We place much emphasis on development, and our team is trained regularly to remain up to date with new technologies and developments.
  • During installation we strive not to interrupt your business flow by adhering to all regulations and safety requirements.
  • Our experience on numerous high-profile projects gives us confidence in our products and our abilities to install and maintain various solutions for your business.

We aim to provide high-quality audio visual installations for boardrooms in South Africa and to neighbouring countries. Contact us today to find out more about how we can improve your boardroom’s audio visual experience.

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