Our Safety and Security Services

JCM Technologies offers our complete range of Safety, Fire and Security Solutions to maximise safety and minimise unlawful activity on your premises. Our innovative technologies consist of various components, which include Biometric Access Control, Fire Detection and Suppression Systems, Environmental Monitoring and CCTV Installation. Our highly effective solutions can either be implemented as standalone systems, or they can be integrated with other components to provide state of the art building management solutions.

CCTV Surveillance Systems

CCTV systems

CCTV surveillance is used with great success to reduce crime, monitor employee activities for security reasons and to ensure quality control. We use a combination of innovative CCTV technologies to optimise a unique security solution for your site. High-res imaging and superb hardware all work together to offer the best monitoring capability possible. Our CCTV installations are done by accredited professional CCTV installers and CCTV system integrators. Contact our friendly consultants for a consultation, or visit our CCTV systems page to find out more.

Access Control Solutions

Access control

Access control systems protect against unauthorised intruders by controlling access to areas with the use of turnstiles & door entry systems. JCM Technologies supply and install a wide range of innovative Proximity and Biometric systems with easy to use graphic interfaces that give users access to real time information at all times. Operational and management reporting enable the effective monitoring of movements and identification of trends. Contact us to arrange a consultation or read our access control page to find out more.

Fire Detection and Suppression Systems

Fire detection & suppression

Fire detection and suppression systems are crucial to protect assets, employees and visitors on site. JCM Technologies install innovative environmental monitoring, fire detection, warning systems and fire suppression systems to function as standalone components or integrated as a comprehensive fire solution for any environment, including server rooms. We design the perfect fire solution for your site and our accredited installers work efficiently to minimise interruption to your business during installation. Contact our consultants to arrange a consultation or go to our fire detection and suppression systems page to find out more.

Automated Vehicle Barriers and Turnstiles

Automated vehicle barriers & turnstiles

Vehicle barriers and turnstiles are components of our modern access control solutions and can be combined with other technologies such as biometric and proximity systems for more effective access control. JCM Technologies customise vehicle barriers and turnstiles to suit the unique needs of the site, and our superb products ensure that our systems are robust and efficient. Innovative technology is utilised to increase functionality and ensure high quality access monitoring and control. Contact our consultants for a consultation or go to our access control systems page to find out more.

Environmental Alarm Monitoring

Environmental alarm monitoring

JCM Technologies install & maintain robust environmental monitoring for data centres, server rooms and critical environments where monitoring is crucial. This allows early detection of possible threats to vital equipment via email or gsm communication. Factors like humidity, temperature, smoke, power and others are monitored, and if parameters are exceeded, automated warning systems are activated. UPS and Generator monitoring are covered and monitoring is done on a 24-hour basis via a call centre. Need more information? Go to our server room monitoring page to find out more.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

IT Infrastructure Solutions

JCM Technologies install and maintain a range of IT Infrastructure Solutions for corporate clients, call and data centres, retail businesses, hospitals and even government facilities across South Africa. This is done using some of the best local and international convergence technology, data centre infrastructures, security landscape and networking solutions. All of the IT Infrastructure Solutions that we provide offer clear-cut business benefits and measurable return on investment. Please visit our IT Infrastructure Solutions page to find out more!

Audio and Visual Equipment for Boardrooms

Audio and visual equipment

JCM Technologies installs and maintains innovative video conferencing and audio visual products for boardrooms. Our projectors, projector screens, audio equipment and electronic smart whiteboards are perfect for schools, colleges and corporate communication in a boardroom environment. Our audio and visual Equipment can be used separately or as an integrated video-conferencing solution. Contact us for more information or go to Audio & Visual Systems page.

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